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ReRail 2021 – February 22 – North Western Lines Magazine 25% Discount

Use coupon code NWL25 to get 25% off any North Western Lines magazine, either hard copies or the digital versions of older magazines (excluding recent issues 2019:3 and later). 

Don’t forget to use the coupon code NWL25

ReRail 2021 – February 14 – Archive Reproductions 30% Discount

Use coupon code ARCHIVES to get 30% off any Archives Reproduction item.  Many have digital download capability to get a link as soon as checkout is complete.  If the reproduction is to large for downloading, we’ll mail you a disc.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code ARCHIVES

ReRail 2021 – February 7 – Donated Models Phase 2

109 more HO models have been added to our website.  Weathered freight cars, passenger cars, and freight car kits.  Check out the latest additions.

Depending on volume and the status of the USPS, order fulfillment may be delayed longer than normal.

This will also be the final week to get the Exactrail coal cars for the sale price of $34 and the bulk quantity discount!

Thank you for supporting the CNWHS!

ReRail 2021 – February 1 – CNWHS Model 10% Off

Starting this week all CNWHS Models not already on sale will be 10% off.  And for the month of February, the 2021 Calendar will be 21% off.

Our first sale items from January 10 will stay on sale for one more week through Sunday February 7.

ReRail 2021 – CNWHS Online Store Discounts & Model Sale

Starting Sunday January 10 the CNWHS Online Store will have special discounts on society merchandise and groups of donated model railroad equipment will be offered for sale.  Check this page for updates.

Different society items to be discounted and posted weekly for sale each Sunday.

Thanks to a donation of model railroad equipment from Richard Lenzer, we will be offering various HO scale C&NW models and kits, which include many out-of-stock and limited-run engines, freight and passenger cars.  These models will be offered for sale in three phases, with the first phase starting January 10.  The other phases will follow 3-4 weeks apart.

Depending on volume and the status of the USPS, order fulfillment may be delayed longer than normal.

Thank you for your support!

Current deals and sales items in the CNWHS Store