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Trains & Semaphores of C&NW’s Madison Subdivision CD (Vol #2)


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CD-Rom photographed and produced by Verne Brummel. Grand tour of both the C&NW Madison Subdivision and Elroy Subdivisions, covering all of the depots, towers, stations, semaphores, signal bridges, sidings, train yards, junctions, yard office buildings, and notable bridges (Merrimac Bridge, Tiffany Bridge) between the ILL / WIS State Line and Wyeville, including many trains (the Elroy Sub. was once a part of the CStPM&O until it was merged into the C&NW in 1957).

A whopping 572 slides in all, there are many scenes from the 1970’s, one or two from as early as 1969, and some from the mid-80’s, but most are circa 1981. In addition to all of the semaphores (as of 1981), you will see the searchlight and color light signals which replaced them, an abandoned hot box detector signal, old semaphore indicators, the T-O signal at Janesville, several wig-wag crossings, the Rock Springs Quarry rock crusher/loader, tunnel near Hustler, and several trains, including the “Golden Arrow” excursion (“Santa Claus 400”), “Prosperity Special”, a North Freedom motor car excursion out on the Madison Sub., plus a NMRA Fantrip, with C&NW 1385 steam engine and F-units, as well as a variety of freights from the 1970’s, featuring F7 units. Featured Wisconsin stations along the way include Sharon, Clinton Jct., Tiffany, Janesville, Leyden, Evansville, Brooklyn, Oregon, Madison, Mendota, Waunakee, Dane, Lodi, Okee, Merrimac, Badger, Devil’s Lake, Baraboo, North Freedom, Rock Springs, Reedsburg, LaValle, Wonewoc, Union Center, Elroy, Hustler, Camp Douglas and Wyeville.
Recommended System Requirements: Windows 98 / ME / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP / Vista. Has not as yet been tested on Windows 7. Display: 800×600 screen resolution, highest (32-bit) color quality. Your computer must be able to run the ?CD-R? and “DVD+R” disc formats. While only recommended for Windows, it will run on the Mac OSX, but with “Boot Camp”. Will NOT run on TV set-top DVD players. Contact with any questions

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