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NWL 1995 No. 1-4


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Vol. 22, NO. 1
C&NW in Baraboo Valley
C&NW’s Class R-1 Ten-Wheelers
C&NW R-1 Disposition Roster
A 1385 Pictorial
Vol. 22, NO. 2
Around the Horn – The Capital 400
Passenger Service in the Baraboo Valley, by Phillip Borleske
Paul Pruehl’s North Western Artwork, by John Gruber
C&NW’s “Walschaert” R-1’s, by Raymond M. Jorgensen
C&NW’s Last Open Platform Combines, by Joe Follmar
C&NW Drovers Waycars, by Paul Swanson
Vol. 22, NO. 3
W&StP to DM&E
The C&NW Across Minnesota
M&StL’s Snowplows
M&StL Russell Snowplow drawings
A Last Visit to 165 North Canal
C&NW Tama Water Plant
Vol. 22, NO. 4
1995 Annual Meet
Marshalltown Shops Close, by Pail Swanson
Clinton Car Shop’s Last Days, by Joe Piersen
CStPM&O I-1 Ten Wheelers, by Joe Follmar
M&StL Caboose 12, by Ron Keagle
C&NW Crossing Shanties/Towers, by Keith M. Kohlmann
A Last Ride on eh C&NW, by Michael W. Blaszak

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