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NWL 1985 No. 1-4


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Vol. 12 No. 1 Winter
The Steam Powered “400”, by Joe Follmar
The”400’s” Equipment, from Railway Age, Feb 21, 1935
A Passenger’s View of the “400”
An O Scale Model of the “400”, by Alf Modine
Along the Corn belt, An Operator Remembers His Early Days, by D. E. Packard
CGW 4-Wheel Caboose Plans
Historical Research, by Doug Watson
Vol. 12 No. 2 Spring:
A Railroad History of Marshalltown, Iowa, by Paul Swanson
An Outline History of the Marshalltown Shops, by Paul Swanson
The General Shops of the Iowa Central in 1908 From the Marshalltown Times Republican, 1908
Current operations at Marshalltown, by Paul Swanson
The Iowa Division Today, by Bob Baker
Modeler’s Corner 1985 Model Contest, by Clem Devine
Along the Corn Belt, The Battle of Marshalltown, by Randy Garnhart
M&StL Mileposts, The M&StL in Marshalltown, by Dennis Holmes
An Episode in Town Rivalry Along the CGW, by H. Roger Grant
Vol. 12 No. 3 Summer:
1985 Annual Meet
1985 Annual Meet Contest Winners
Chicago Division Holds “400” Birthday Party, by Bill Kruser and Skip Melnick
Part I -The Omaha Eastern Extension, by Paul L. Behrens
CN&W’s Late E-Unit Fleet-Numbers 5021A thur 5033A, by Joe Follmar
The Valve Gear Mystery, by Robert A. Janz
Vol. 12 No. 4 Fall:
Marshfield Line Part II, by Paul L. Behrens
Operations Control Center, by Bob Baker
M&StL Milestones, Marshalltown
C&NW Manifest Freight Trains
Translating the Alpha Code
Milk for the Million, from the Chicago Sunday Herald, 1890
C&NW Milk Cars, by Joe Follmar
Ex-CGW Cabooses, by Joe Piersen
The CD contains the complete year of 1985

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