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NWL 1975 No. 1-4


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This issue of North Western Lines is offered as a digital download (17 MB consisting of four PDF files).

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In these issues
The Great Smoke Box Incident, by Al Freese
C&NW Motive Power Roster in HO Part l, by Dennis Blunt
Iron Ore Docks of C&NW, by Patrick Dorin
C&NW Passenger Cars purchased by Amtrak, by Mike Blaszak
Current Locomotive Changes, by Max Maron
Zulus, by Oakman Mullen
The Parson’s Train Indicator, by Bob Janz
Dwight Rmembers the CNW, by Eric Bachenberg
Depot Plans for Dwight, Neb
CNW Power List May 1, 1975, by Max Marmon
HO C&NW Motive power Roster, by Dennis Blunt
Specifications for Steel Dining Cars
Diners fit for a President, by William F Stauss
Plans for C&NW Diners # 6932-35

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