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NWL 1974 No. 1-4


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This is the first volume of North Western Lines
In these issues
C&NW Motive Power Roster including HO Model Listing, by Dennis Blunt
Information on C&NW Printed material, by Joe Follmar
The E-2’s and Changing Engines at Milwaukee, by Oak Mullen
The “400” in the Timetables, by Herb Danneman
HO Kits for Streamlined CNW cars, by Mike Hanley
Engine Assignments Lists, by Jon Nondahl
Iowa Division Train Schedules, by Jim Altig
Lettering & Painting Diagram for CNW Streamlined Passenger Cars
Riding the Mountaineer, by Jim Scribbins
From the Way Car, by Bob Jenz
More Listings of CNW information in Print
Notes on Passenger Car Plans, by Mike Hanley
HO Kits for Heavyweight Passenger Cars, by Mike Hanley
Wyeville, by Joe Follmar
Memories of a Towerman, by Fred Buckman
O Scale kits for C&NW Lightweigth Pass. Cars
AHM Heavyweight Passenger Car Kits in HO
Forerunners of Gas-Electrics, by Gordon Schmidt

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