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Honeymead Covered Hopper

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Honeymead Products is a large producer of soybean meal and soybean oil. Located in Mankato MN, they were the largest customer of the C&NW in Mankato. Their sizeable fleet of tank cars and covered hoppers were, and still are, to be found throughout North America. Honeymead Products is now a division of Harvest States Cooperatives.

In 1974, Honeymead leased 20 4750 cuft covered hoppers (USLX 4900 – 4919) from the US Railway Equipment Company. Since they had the expertise to assemble freight equipment, these cars were assembled by US Railway Equipment themselves from kits obtained from Pullman Standard. When US Railway Equipment exited the freight car market, this series of cars (still under lease to Honeymead) became property of Evans Railcar and then later the Itel Corporation. As larger cube covered hoppers became available, Honeymend let the lease expire on these cars and the remaining cars were sold to the Illinois Central/Chicago Central and were quickly patched (retaining all of the original Honeymead lettering) and given numbers in the CC 16280-16289 series.


These specially decorated HO scale cars were produced by Accurail as part of the CNWHS 2022 Convention held in Mankato MN. These kits include Accurail trucks and Accumate couplers and are available in 2 numbers (USLX 4908 and USLX 4912). $32 for a single car, $60 for both cars. This price includes shipping to US addresses. IL residents add 9 ½% tax. Order through the Society at PO Box 1068 North Riverside IL 60546 or our website  .

Honeymead Cov Hopper

4908, 4912, Two Car Set