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HO Scale C&NW Interlocking Tower


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HO Scale Interlocking Tower by Lake Junction Models, LLC
This is a wood laser cut kit that will require assembly.
The C&NW built interlocking towers at important locations, such as intersecting rail lines and junctions, to control the safe movements of trains. Typically two story buildings, towers contained the mechanical equipment needed to align switches and signals via levers and rods. The many windows allowed tower operators to visually see the switches and junctions they controlled. The kit is based on a #1 tower, that was the smallest found on the C&NW system. Tower size was determined by the number of levers it housed, ie how many switches or signals they controlled. The kit is based on a small tower that was located at the east end of the Belle Plaine yard, controlling the mainline cross over and the local street crossing gates.

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