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CNW 2 Bay Covered Hopper


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In 1967, the C&NW placed an order with ACF for 300 2,970-cuft 2-bay covered hoppers (Lot#11-02743) in the C&NW number series of 175000-175299. These cars were purchased to be used for various dense non-food commodities and came delivered in a very light grey color with black lettering and a black and white “Railway” herald. In 1976, 64 of the cars in this series were modified for bentonite service by the C&NW. The non-modified cars remained in service for other commodities and during the subsequent years, many received a new coat of grey, green or yellow paint as they went through the Clinton IA paint shop. For more information on these cars, please see the 2007 No.3 issue of NWL. However, a few of the cars retained their “as delivered” lettering into the 1995 merger into the UP and are the basis of this model.

These limited edition HO scale Accurail 2 bay hoppers were especially decorated for us by Accurail. These kits are available in 3 numbers (175009, 175079, 175089). These kits come with Accurail trucks, wheelsets and Accumate couplers.

Weight 1 lbs
Accurail 2970 Gray

175009, 175079, 175089, Three Car Set