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Annual Reports of the Galena & Chicago Union 1848-1863


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This Archives reproduction book covers the very rare Annual Reports of the G&CU Railroad, 1848 ? 1863. It includes many additional document copies, some earlier than 1848, and covers a number of other early railroads that were connected with the G&CU.

Most of the G&CU papers burned in the Great Chicago Fire and only a few libraries have any G&CU documents.

This Archives book is quite interesting, and includes the engineering reports on the construction of the railroad, the double-tracking, the rail, the bridges, the structures, the finances, and the rolling stock. The text is easier to read than the text in most 19th Century documents. There are lists of stockholders, often indicating their place of residence. There are two maps, which lack captions. Also included is a consultant?s report on possible suburban service. This book is a contribution to serious railroad history.

*526 pages, one side (This book is THICK.)
*No index: The documents are mostly chronological. Make your own bookmarks.
*Original page numbers are left intact, but the discontinuity makes it a task. Again, make your own bookmarks.
*Includes an introduction and notes on the text
*Landscape page orientation, using 8.5 x 11? paper
*Spiral bound in a 3 ring binder
*Clear plastic covers
*Compiled by Joe Piersen, C&NWHS Archives

Weight 4 lbs