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C&NWHS Archives Building

With great pride the C&NWHS would like to announce that the agreement to locate our permanent archives building at Illinois Railway Museum (IRM) has been completed and signed! 

This project has been years in the making and is the first step in completing the new home of the C&NWHS Archives that will provide a great future for the educational activities and preservation of the C&NW and associated roads.

Construction of the building is the next step and while we don’t have a timeframe for that yet, we will provide updates as activities get underway.

Thank you for your continued support of the largest project the society has undertaken!

Store: Timetables & Track Charts

We have added some surplus timetables and track charts to the CNWHS Store. The timetables are a mix of Employee, Passenger, System, & Suburban from various years. The track charts are all from April 3, 1995 and the final printing the by the CNW. All are originals, unless noted, some of the timetable covers have marks or stains. If you are looking to add to your collection, maybe we have something you are looking for!

If you purchase $35 worth of timetables, you’ll get $5 off. Purchase $100, get $10 off.

Additionally we have added a few models that had been going to train shows.

Online Store – Digital Downloads

Along with a new website, has come a new online CNWHS Company Store. While the store look is cleaner, more modern, and more user friendly, it also boasts the first new major feature of our updated website – digital downloads.

Now when certain products we offer which are digital in form, they can be acquired directly through our website by downloading them to your computer. No more waiting for a CD to arrive! You can still purchase these products on a CD (or DVD or USB drive) if you’d prefer. Not everything is available to download – any takers for a 14 GB download of the CNW Passenger Car Cards?!?

Have a look as the earlier digitized issues of North Western Lines and Archives Reproductions are available right NOW to download.

CNWHS Website Updated!

If you are reading this, you are viewing the latest, and much needed refresh of the CNWHS website. While our old site served us well for many years, it was very out of date in web-years, think steam locomotive handling mainline freight daily today, in 2020!

Our new site is now ready for 2020 and beyond. It uses the popular WordPress platform which will allow us to maintain and regularly update the site going forward, as well as provide a more secure site. New features and tools not available before, now have great potential. They won’t happen overnight, but check back again, or signup for our newsletter below, and we’ll let you know.