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Archives Naming

Sponsor a Shelving Unit!

The CNWHS Archives Building needs over 50 shelving units to hold the archives collection. These heavy-duty shelving units will be either 6 or 8 feet long and 8 feet high by 17 inches deep.

Sponsor a whole unit or a part of one. Sponsored units will have a deep yellow acrylic plaque with black lettering adhered to the black shelving. Shelving units will be assigned as received and built.

Sponsor an Entire Unit $400

Sponsor a Partial Unit $80

As plaques are added to the shelving units, a map showing the sponsored shelving unit will be updated in the archives to show the location of each sponsored unit.  Plaques will be yellow with black text, approximately 2″ x 8″.  Font size will be adjusted as needed to accommodate the text.