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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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  • RENEWED BUILDING FUND RESULTS SHOW POSITIVE MEMBERSHIP BACKING! Plan to build Archives Building at Illinois Railway Museum generates strong support. Omaha, July 17, 2016 Since we renewed our Archives Building Fund Drive at the Minneapolis Meet and with 2016’s second issue of North Western Lines, our members are responding in a most generous manner! We are receiving strong support – both from meet attendees and from the fund raising article in NWL. Archives Building Fund Director Tim Coyle reports that at the Minneapolis Meet on May 13th through May 15th, just over $10,000 in donations and pledges were received from 9 individuals! Contributions as of June 30th are as follows: Donations: $ 19,403 Pledges: $ 11,283 Total: $ 30,686 from 45 Donors. Amount in Building Fund prior to May 13th: $ 53,442 Grand Total in Building Fund as of June 30, 2016: $ 84,128 I want to personally thank all who have donated or pledged. In addition, I encourage all members to consider supporting the archives building fund. This is a worthwhile project, and by working together it is well within our organization’s grasp! Thank You, Mike Lenzen

In the Second 2016 Issue of North Western Lines...


6 Update on 1385 — Open House Held February 20-21
by David Nelson

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22 Mid-Continent’s C&NW 440 and CStPM&O 6110
by Richard Colby

24 The Minneapolis Industrial Railway
by Gary Lenz

34 The Best and Worst of Times — Yard Life in the 1960s at Madison, IL
by Charles L. Voyles

40 Chicago Great Western Snapshots in the Twin Cities

48 An Easy Remote Fueling Terminal
by Mark Digresses

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