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  • Robert A. Janz 1933-2014 Bob Janz passed away on April 4, 2014 at his home. Bob was a charter member of the CNWHS and was always an active and enthusiastic supporter of our organization. He held a number of positions in the society, his name seldom, if ever, missing from the magazine’s masthead. But mostly, he was an always available consultant, willingly sharing his vast knowledge of his favorite railroad with anyone interested enough to ask. Bob was an excellent modeler, especially in building and modifying imported brass steam locomotive models. This was an activity he continued until the last months of his life. And he was always willing to share his knowledge with anyone who sought it. And, if you had a project that needed his expertise, he would do it himself, if he thought you could not yourself meet his standards! For all of us, who have been his friends, we will miss Bob, but never forget him, and are grateful to have lived in his time. Tom Hemminger

In the First 2014 Issue of North Western Lines...

In this Issue
The North Western in La Crosse, Wisconsin, by Dick Johnson
The C&NW Capital City Route: Des Moines to St. Paul- Part 1, by Richard Steffen
The C&NW Electrician from the Hills of Virginia, by Joe Piersen and Jim Yanke
North Western Bulletin Stories-1909
The Reminiscences of a Veteran
A Remarkable Record---No Passenger Fatalities
Two Heroes of 1871

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